Prodige Software Corporation Animated Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics in Visual Studio

Rapid Development

Struggling with complex graphics code? speeds the development of all graphical applications, providing:

  • A graphical editor integrated in Visual Studio .NET. Design graphics in the Picture Designer the same way you design UserControls: without writing code.
  • Graphical objects: rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, arcs, pies, polygons, polylines, splines, paths, images, text, and Groups.
  • Automatic screen updates simplify runtime animation. Change an object property, and updates the screen, intelligently repairing overlapping objects.
  • Maximum performance: batches screen updates, repainting a minimum number of pixels. Tweak the performance of any Element by changing anti-aliasing or gamma-correction with a RenderAppearance.

Build Component Libraries

Create classes, not data files:

  • Unlike a traditional drawing tool, the Picture Designer produces a .NET class, not a data file.
  • Each class is derived from Picture, a class similar to UserControl.
  • Build industry-specific components by adding properties, methods, and events.
  • Create complex drawings by nesting Pictures within Pictures.
  • Display custom Pictures in any Control.