Fast scrolling scalability sample source code

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Fast scrolling scalability sample source code

Post by Frank Hileman » Tue Jul 11, 2006 5:02 pm


The new Scrolling Scalability sample uses the new fast scrolling enhancement (click the link to run a merged exe). If you set the Scrolling Mode to "Accurate", you can see the former scrolling speed.

The new ScrollingMode property on Picture allows you to control the level of scrolling acceleration. By default, all top-level Pictures now have accelerated scrolling. Currently this only works for top-level Pictures, but we plan on adding support for clipped sub Pictures in the future.

Update: The source code is now included in the standard set of samples installed by If you see a "watermark" caused by keycode expiration, scrolling speed is degraded and cannot be tested with this sample.

There are more enhancements planned in the future for very large Pictures.

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