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Post by Frank Hileman » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:56 pm 11.8, for Visual Studio 2019, was recently released.

This release is to support Visual Studio 2019 and other than those changes, includes only documentation changes.

Because the previous release, 10.7 for Visual Studio 2017, used a faulty installer, it may have installed fine, but you will probably have problems uninstalling it. Please follow these instructions to uninstall cleanly (assuming you have errors):
  • Run the tool here: ... or-removed
  • Visual Studio 2017 does not allow manual uninstallation of the toolbar package using the Visual Studio UI. You must start a Visual Studio 2017 command line window as administrator, and execute the following:
    vsixinstaller /a /u:"c18efb30-8155-4647-bcb8-71757574ec65"
  • GAC: The tool above takes care of that.
  • File System: Delete files manually if any are left over. Typical directory:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Prodige Software Corporation\ 10".
  • Documentation: manually uninstall using Help Viewer 2.3. This is under the Help\View Help menu command in Visual Studio.
We have ported to every version of Visual Studio, despite the lack of announcements on this form.

Please note that the process of porting to a new Visual Studio version has become increasingly slow. For Visual Studio 2017, it was primarily due to bugs in the package installer provided by Microsoft. Other times, we are delayed because we are waiting for the tools we use internally to be fixed, or we are waiting for bugs in Visual Studio to be addressed. Visual Studio 2019 is more robust out of the box, compared to the previous version.

We are investigating other rendering engines for, and making a run-time engine that can be used on mobile platforms.

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