MicroDesigner SDK and VG.net Browser

Corte Madera, California, May 30, 2007 - Prodige Software Corporation announces the MicroDesigner SDK and VG.net Browser, new products for engineers creating process control, HMI, SCADA, or other real-time data visualizations using the .net framework and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

VG.net Browser Diagram

Using the MicroDesigner SDK, a software developer creates a graphical editor customized for the needs of a specific industry or company.

Using this editor, a non-developer, such as a plant engineer, creates custom graphical components and user interface screens. The engineer also binds components on these screens to real time data streams, without any coding.

According to Anne Szyjan, President, "since every plant is different, it is unlikely a set of predefined components fulfills the needs of all plant operators. For this reason, the MicroDesigner SDK is component based: the graphical editor can create both reusable, graphical components and screens."

The end user, such as a plant operator, uses the VG.net Browser to load these user interface screens from a web server and view changing values from real time data feeds. The encrypted data feeds can come over the internet or an intranet and through firewalls, enabling the plant operator to monitor real time data sources from a remote location.

The VG.net Browser is similar to a web browser in that "documents," user interface screens, are dynamically loaded from a central server. This simplifies installation and upgrades on the client - only the Browser requires installation. The screens themselves are dynamically loaded, always showing the latest version uploaded to the server.

Advantages of the MicroDesigner SDK and VG.net Browser:

  • The MicroDesigner SDK greatly reduces the amount of time needed to produce a custom graphical editor.
  • The custom graphical editor, specialized for an industry, reduces the amount of time needed to produce graphical components and user interface screens.
  • Non-developers, such as plant engineers, can create graphical components and screens bound to real-time data without any coding. It may be data from an OPC client, or any other data source.
  • Using a single custom graphical editor for many plants reduces labor costs.
  • There is no need to install user interfaces screens at each operator station. The VG.net Browser downloads and displays the latest version of each screen.

About Prodige Software Corporation: Founded in 2000, Prodige Software Corporation provides high performance vector graphics solutions in a variety of industries. Learn more about their product, VG.net, at www.vgdotnet.com.